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Thanks for stopping by. This site is a home, primarily, for some of my creative output (mainly photos and bits of writing at present). As much as anything else, it's a means for me to keep track of things.

I’m always happy to engage with the good people of this planet and chew the fat over ideas, outlandish running routes, good books, invigorating music (and so on and on...).


Drop me a line via the Contact page, or I can be found, not especially actively, on  the usual social media channels:





Recent publications

Foyer discourse (self generates) in Cerasus, issue 8, January 2023
What is the meaning of who owns what? (in Lighthouse, issue 25, Winter 2022)
Meet me at the lighthouse (in The North, issue 68, August 2022)
Antinomian desert, wide open (in Alchemy Spoon, issue 7, Summer 2022)
Waterlogged (in Ink, Sweat and Tears, December 2021)
The letting go (in London Grip, Autumn 2020)
Wrong (in The Alchemy Spoon, issue 1, Summer 2020) - and reading here (at c.22' in)
Threads (II) (in Fenland Poetry Journal issue 2, Spring 2020)
When listening to Feldman on the Shore (in Brittlestar issue 41, Autumn 2019)

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